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Advantages Of Having Your Website Translated In Various Languages

As you analyze the statistics generated by your website’s analytics provider, you have very likely observed that you have site visitors from countries around the world that don’t speak the very same primary language as that of your own website. If you discover that close to 30% of the traffic is from foreign countries, you might wish to look at the benefits that website translation has to offer your business.

Using a website translation service will mean finding a native bilingual speaker to convert all of the material offered on your web site to the target language. There are plenty of reasons for doing this, such as business expansion, offering services to international buyers, and providing the bulk of your website visitors with an easier to read site. For instance, in the event that 30 percent of the traffic is generated from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, you could possibly see a higher conversion rate simply by offering a German translation of your web site.

While machine translation can be a possibility, it’s not anywhere near as accurate as getting a qualified translator to custom translate your site for you. Software translations are not able to pick up on subtle uses of words and phrases that might not really be considered official but are nonetheless acceptable in every day language usage. Skilled translators can not only recognize these small nuances, but translate them with the correct meaning into the target language in order that any information offered on your website does not lose its meaning because of translation.

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