The internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information. For businesses wishing to get that competitive advantage, a multilingual website now presents one of the most high impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.The multilingual website will continue to become a necessity for businesses and organisations as the process of internationalization unfolds.

Reasons why you need a multilingual Website:

  • Shift Away from Greek and English Internet Users
  • Cost Effective Marketing Tool for capturing new visitors
  • With every language added to a website there is the potential for an increase of your sales
  • A multilingual website demonstrates you are thinking about your visitors
  • Shows International Nature
  • Having pages of your site available in multiple languages ensures maximum potential for your site being picked up in search engines
G.K Progress I.T.C also offers professional-grade human document translation services in dozens of languages. We carefully pair your text to a translator with the appropriate subject matter expertise and background.

Sample of our recent projects:

  • Translation of to Russian language :
  • Translation of to Russian language :
  • Translation of Guru Boutique Lounge Bar menus

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